Release Notes

Release Notes for Older Versions:

Release Notes for JourneyMap 5.1.0

  • Release Date: July 1, 2015


Change Log:

New Features

  • The new About Dialog shows you highlights of the release and lets you click on them to go directly to the features.  It also has a Wall of Fame for patrons of JourneyMap (via Patreon) and the developer team.
  • The new Grid Editor lets you customize the chunk grid color, opacity, and style.   You can have different grids for day, night, and underground map mods.  Open the editor with Shift-Click on the Fullscreen “Show Grid” button, or from within the Options Manager in the Minimap or Fullscreen map sections.
  • Actions > Delete Map .  Handy when your world has reset but your map has not.
  • Actions > Disable Mapping.  If you think JourneyMap is slowing the game, this will help you see the performance impact without having to remove the mod and restart.
  • Options > Cartography has these new options:  Cave Render Distance, Surface Render Distance, Render Frequency, Render Passes, Reveal Shape, Always Map Caves, Always Map Surface.
  • Keybindings for ‘[‘ and  ‘]’ now both switch between day/night/caves on the minimap. This should help resolve a common keybinding conflict with Morph. The map type icon is also now briefly shown so you’ll know what you’re looking at. As always, you can change keybindings with Minecraft > Options > Controls…
  • The Map Type (Day/Night/Caves) is now shown briefly on the Minimap when you toggle
  • You can now press CTRL + to switch between the setting values of Options/Advanced/Tile Render Type.  Works with either Minimap or Fullscreen.
  • You can now press CTRL – to switch between the setting values of Options/Cartograpy/High Map Quality.  Works with either Minimap or Fullscreen.


  • Options Manager Category sections look and act more like a typical accordian panel (top-aligned, arrow icons on the left, etc.)
  • Support for Carpenters Blocks:  Map colors are now based on the inner block rather than black.
  • Torches in these mods no longer cast shadows: “Applied Energistics 2″, “Carpenters Blocks”, “Chisel”, “Extra Utilities
  • Experimental fix for biome coloring in TerraFirmaCraft SaltWater and SaltWaterStationary
  • Experimental bugfix for getting the colors of Botania double-height flowers
  • In-game waypoints are now hidden when Minecraft’s HUD is disabled (F1 key)
  • @SidedProxy has been implemented to make the jar harmless when somebody mistakenly puts it in a server.
  • Added check for Java 7/8.  If you’re still using Java 6, JourneyMap just disables itself instead of being broken.
  • Removed Options > Advanced > Chunk Offset, Chunk Poll


  • Player icons weren’t showing on the map
  • Waypoint Manager didn’t save waypoint changes if you pressed ESC instead of the close button
  • Waypoint Manager scroll behavior was inverted when using mouse wheel
  • Options Manager didn’t properly refresh JourneyMap’s behavior if options were changed using only keystrokes
  • Color Palette would render as all black when some mods changed, requiring manual deletion of colorpalette.json
  • Minimap didn’t update if underground and player only moved vertically to new chunkY
  • Entities implementing INpc no longer considered hostile
  • Expired textures weren’t properly disposed of on main thread.
  • Bugfix: Thaumcraft boss mobs no longer have name tags displayed on map
  • Fixed error messages for failed waypoint imports from Rei’s or Voxel
  • Hosting a LAN server required other players to have the same version of JourneyMap
  • Improved error messages for missing icons


  • Added pt_BR
  • Added fi_FI
  • Added fr_CA and fr_FR
  • Added de_DE
  • Added ru_RU

Release Notes for JourneyMap 5.0.1

  • Release Date: December 4, 2014


Change Log:

  • Bugfix: Defensive code added to ensure keybindings are still registered when another mod (like Tinker’s Construct) has registered a null keybinding
  • Bugfix: Experimental code to correct dark minimap issues on some graphics cards.
  • Bugfix: Version check didn’t show update available button in Fullscreen Map when user version contained “RC”
  • Bugfix: Missing tooltip for option: Advanced > Google Maps API Domain
  • Change: Data folder name scheme slightly changed to handle international characters that aren’t OS-safe. If your maps/waypoints are missing after the update, look in minecraft/journeymap/data/*/ and move the old folder contents to the new one.
  • Change: Victorian UI Theme : Ridge around minimap compass point is slightly thicker
  • Hungarian translation updated (hu_HU)

Release Notes for JourneyMap 5.0.0

  • Release Date: November 21, 2014


Changes since RC6:

  • Bugfix: Defensive code added to prevent NPE+crash when another mod causes “/help” chat formatted text to evaluate as null
  • Bugfix: Folder migration attempts needed to be simplified
  • Bugfix: “Tile wasn’t cleared before finalize() called” in log fixed in most cases
  • Updated translation for Arabic (ar_SA)
  • Updated translation for Catalan (ca_ES)
  • Updated translation for Chinese, Simplified (zh_CN)
  • Updated translation for Dutch (nl_NL)
  • Updated translation for Korean (ko_KR)
  • Added translation for Norwegian (no_NO)
  • Updated translation for Spanish (es_ES)
  • Updated translation for Swedish (sv_SE)
  • Change: World id request made on EntityJoinWorldEvent
  • Change: changelog.txt removed from mod jar.
  • Change: now uses correct path to logo

Release Notes for JourneyMap 5.0.0 RC6

  • Release Date: November 17, 2014



  • New Option: Show Mob Heading (for MiniMap Presets and Fullscreen Map)
  • New Option: Show Player Heading (for MiniMap Presets and Fullscreen Map)
  • New Option: Advanced > Map Tile Render Type (useful if your graphics card makes the Minimap tiles blurry)
  • Change: Webmap now disabled by default
  • Change: World id requests to JourneyMap Server now reduced to work in conjunction with Server 1.0RC4
  • Change: Tweaks added for more TerraFirmaCraft grass types
  • Bugfix: Minimap jitter introduced in RC5
  • Bugfix: Circle minimap mask didn’t work when shaders enabled
  • Bugfix: Multiplayer data folders couldn’t be created if server entry name or world id wasn’t usable in a folder name
  • Bugfix: “Failed to migrate legacy folder” error spam in the log file

Release Notes for JourneyMap 5.0.0 RC5

  • Release Date: November 14, 2014



  • Build now compatible with Forge 1208 to accommodate Modpacks which can’t move to Forge 1230 yet
  • New translation for Catalan (ca_ES)
  • Bugfix: Multiplayer servers assigned a blank name resulted in an unusable JourneyMap data folder. The folder name will now default to the host name or IP address.
  • Bugfix: Multiplayer servers assigned a name with whitespace at the beginning/end resulted in an unusable JourneyMap data folder.
  • Bugfix: Data folder names with UTF-8 characters were being URL encoded. They should be migrated to the correct names, but you may need to do so manually.
  • Bugfix: Data folders weren’t migrated when World ID first received by JourneyMap Server mod.
  • Bugfix: Supressed unnecessary chat warning about an incompatible version of Rei’s Minimap when closing Waypoint Manager’s Help dialog
  • Bugfix: Chat announcement of saved map had derpy underlining. Underline removed, hover added.
  • Bugfix: Fullscreen map coordinates under mouse would blink right before fading out
  • Bugfix: Client spams server with world id requests while Death UI displayed
  • Bugfix: Waypoint files were not written with UTF-8 encoding, which could lead to corrupted waypoint names after the files were reloaded
  • Bugfix: NullPointerException (missing file) caused crash when image file couldn’t be written to disk
  • Bugfix: (Experimental fix for a rare issue with some GPUs) Minimap’s map tiles would alternate between blurry and clear depending on your position on any given block
  • Change: VoxelMap color codes used to disable caves/radar now recognized with or without spaces in between color codes

Release Notes for JourneyMap 5.0.0 RC4

  • Release Date: November 7, 2014



  • Web Map’s jquery library references moved off of because the domain is blocked in China
  • Paypal references updated to Patreon
  • Waypoints and map images are migrated to the new directory when a World ID is first sent by JourneyMap Server.

Release Notes for JourneyMap 5.0.0 RC3

  • Release Date: November 5, 2014



  • New option: Web Map > “Google Maps API Domain” lets you change the google domain if your country blocks “”
  • Change: Version is no longer announced in chat when Minecraft first started. Version can now be seen in Options Manager title.
  • Bugfix: Web Map options didn’t take immediate effect
  • Bugfix: Dead Bushes shown on maps even if Cartography > Show Plants was off
  • Bugfix: Waypoint Manager “Dimension: <name>” button width didn’t fit text.
  • Bugfix: Announcement of Web Map URL had derpy underlining. Underline removed, hover added.
  • Updated translation for Arabic (ar_SA)

Release Notes for JourneyMap 5.0.0 RC2

  • Release Date: October 31, 2014



  • New translation for Arabic (ar_SA)
  • New translation for Chinese, Simplified (zh_CN)
  • New translation for Dutch (nl_NL)
  • New translation for Hungarian (hu_HU)
  • New translation for Korean (ko_KR)
  • New translation for Spanish (es_ES)
  • Updated translation for Swedish (sv_SE)
  • Font Scale options can now be 1-4 instead of 1-3
  • New config files will now default to Font Scale 2 if the Minecraft font is based on Unicode. This should make things easier to read.
  • Bugfix: Right-to-left languages displayed incorrectly in Options Manager’s tooltips
  • Bugfix: Some options in Options Manager didn’t reset via the Reset button
  • Bugfix: Waypoint label backgrounds on maps were opaque
  • Bugfix: Shortened label for the Fullscreen Map keybinding

Release Notes for JourneyMap 5.0.0 RC1

  • Release Date: October 24, 2014


  • Unlimited Edition for Forge 1.7.10 –
  • Other Editions pending

New Server-Friendly Changes:

  • All editions of JourneyMap will now honor VoxelMap color codes sent by servers (usually via MOTD plugins) to disable radar and cave mapping on a per-world and per-dimension basis.   Even the Unlimited Edition will disable these features if that’s what the server wants.

New MiniMap Features and Changes:

  • Added MiniMap Presets. You can now toggle between two completely unique Minimap configurations using the BACKSLASH ( \ ) key in-game.
  • Added new “Center” and “Top Center” positions
  • Added new 2D mob icons, or you can choose the old 3D icons
  • Added new Circle shape with support for rotation based on your heading
  • Added new Compass Points shown on the frame.
  • Added new Heading (Rotation) functionality, which can be configured to point north, old north, or your current heading
  • Added new Rectangle shape uses the same aspect ratio as your Minecraft window.
  • Added new Reticle (cross-hairs) with configurable heading (rotation)
  • Added transparency, which can be any value between 0% and 100%
  • Size can now be any value between 1% and 100%, expressed as a percentage of your screen height. This means it will scale if you resize the window.
  • Zoom, Show Caves, Day/Night are now independent of Fullscreen Map settings
  • Refreshes neighboring tiles more quickly when zoomed in.
  • Rendering moved to display before F3 Debug text and Scoreboard displays.
  • Switching between cave/surface mapping happens more quickly
  • The Y coordinate now reflects feet position, not eye position
  • Most key combinations no longer require you to press CTRL / COMMMAND

New Fullscreen Features:

  • Added new 2D mob icons, or you can choose the old 3D icons
  • Completely new interface for buttons using the new UI Theme mechanism. Current themes are “Victorian” and “Purist”.
  • Pressing “O” in the Fullscreen map will open the Options Manager
  • Zoom, Show Caves, Day/Night are now independent of MiniMap settings

Waypoint Changes:

  • Waypoint Manager column headers now use up/down glyphs to show sort direction instead of < and >
  • Waypoint Manager now scrolls to top if Home key on keyboard pressed, scrolls to bottom if End key pressed.
  • Waypoint Manager refactored to resolve scrolling issues some people have reported.
  • Deathpoint name now includes date and timestamp in the name.

New Options and Changed Options:

  • Completely rewritten Options Manager with nearly 100 configurable options, each of which has a fully-descriptive tooltip of what it does, and the default/value range.
  • The first time J is pressed by a new user, the Options Manager will immediately display. This will hopefully bring all the new options to everyone’s attention.
  • Create Deathpoints can now be disabled
  • Radar Lateral Range and Radar Vertical Range options added
  • Location labels on Fullscreen Map and MiniMap Presets can now be configured
  • Hide Sneaking Entities can now be disabled
  • Small Font options replaced with “Font Scale” options letting you choose a scale of 1-3, with 1 as the default.
  • Force Unicode options removed because they caused significant CPU overhead.
  • For the complete list of options, see the wiki page:

Various Significant Changes:

  • .minecraft/journeyMap directory now named .minecraft/journeymap. Pre-existing directories will be renamed at startup.
  • .minecraft/journeyMap/config/ files will now be in .minecraft/journeymap/config/5.0/ . OLD CONFIG FILES WILL NOT BE MIGRATED, but they will be put in a backup folder. This ensures a clean start for the 5.0 experience.
  • [Pulled from 4.0.5] Version check info moved to DropBox after exceeding Google Drive’s quota
  • [Pulled from 4.0.5] Version check no longer announces a new version is available in chat.(UI elements still display in Fullscreen Map and Webmap.)
  • A bunch of unnecessary log messages removed from the language files
  • All possible map colors are now pre-loaded when the world is joined.
  • Better handling of modded TileEntities that don’t have Block icons (Botania:spawnerClaw, etc.) They’re now just ignored rather than showing up as black.
  • Config file format is now more compact. The old format should be converted after first loaded.
  • Data folders for singleplayer now use the world’s folder name, not the world name. Pre-existing folders will be renamed accordingly.
  • Modpacks can provide journeymap/icon/theme/default.theme.config to define a default Theme. Does not override user preferences.
  • Derpy light level data for lava in Nether is now ignored.
  • Faster results of remapping nearby chunks when forced by Map Style change / resource pack change
  • Language files have been overhauled and cleaned up to make translation easier.
  • Logging moved to Log4j2 just like Forge and Minecraft are now using.
  • Lots of refactoring and moving code stuff around. Hopefully no bugs introduced as a result. Hahahaha.
  • MacOS now uses CTRL modifier key instead of COMMAND
  • Multiplayer skins icon now downloaded asynchronously – should alleviate FPS hits on very busy servers.
  • Multiple object pools and caches added to reduce the number of new objects put on the heap
  • Quieted info logging about “Ignoring TitleEntity without standard block texture”
  • Removed config option: “Enable Hot Keys”
  • Significant changes in the way chunk data is cached/checked for being stale.
  • Some Keybindings renamed. Keep an eye open for any issues with Keybindings as a result.
  • Suppressed logging of a bunch of stuff you didn’t want to read anyway.
  • The Minecraft Profiler (Shift+F3) now shows JourneyMap activity in several nodes. Drill down and discover!
  • Tinker’s Construct stone torch now treated like vanilla torch – no shadow is cast by the block
  • Web map got a minor facelift to use new icons

Significant Bugfixes:

  • [Pulled from 4.0.5] Map state / caches weren’t immediately reset when features were disabled by VoxelMap control codes
  • [Pulled from 4.0.5] Surface wasn’t mapped if you were underground while Cave Mapping was disabled
  • [Pulled from 4.0.5] Waypoint Manager wouldn’t open because of error (created by a Forge build that came after the recommended release)
  • Areas open to the void in the Overworld now paint the void color, instead of black with errors in the log
  • Cacti now treated as plants with respect to Cartography options
  • Colors wrong for double-tall plants and melon/pumpkin stems
  • Compatibility added for mods that have blocks registered with custom Item Stacks (TooManyBiomes, MultiWorld, etc.)
  • Defensive code added to gracefully fail when MultiWorld mod throws exceptions when trying to get a dimension provider name.
  • Errors reported with some texturepacks (Sphax 128)
  • File operations to unzip theme files from jar would break on Linux if the target path had spaces or characters that might be URL encoded
  • Keybindings get duplicated if overridden and then viewed in JourneyMap>Options>Help… screens
  • Logfile config wasn’t correctly set to just get JourneyMap log messages, and also messed with FML’s root logger when unnecessary
  • MiniMap coordinates off by one when location numbers were negative
  • NPE thrown by Waypoint Editor when custom dimension providers are shy about their names.
  • NullPointerException in BlockMD.getBlockName() because ic2.core.block.machine.BlockMachine is too shy to tell its name.
  • Pressing CTRL (or Command) without another key is “remembered” for the next keypress.
  • Snapped minimap positions to ints, avoiding subpixel ugliness with text labels
  • Surrounding chunks weren’t force-updated far enough when underground
  • Waypoint display coordinates off by one when location numbers were negative
  • Waypoint Editor used wrong coordinates when based on player’s position.
  • Waypoint Manager ignored scrollwheeel events


  • English (en_US)
  • Swedish (sv_SE)
  • All other language files removed because they are too out-of-date to be worth retaining.  All new translations are needed!

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