Topical Help

Many JourneyMap help topics and troubleshooting tips are in the JourneyMap Wiki.  For example:

JourneyMap Editions

As of 3.1.0, JourneyMap comes in two editions : FairPlay and Unlimited.   The FairPlay edition turns off radar and cave mapping capabilities when in Multi-Player.  See JourneyMap Editions for a full comparison.

Usage in ModPacks

Is JourneyMap included in any modpacks?  Can I have it in mine?  Find out in the JourneyMap ModPacks FAQ.

Still Stuck?

If the wiki isn’t getting you anywhere:

  1. Open a Ticket in the Helpdesk.
  2. Be sure to fill out the form completely
  3. Be sure to attach the journeymap.log file which was produced during the game session where the problem occurred.


Real-time mapping in-game or in your browser